How to Make Remote Working a Success?

Working remotely from home has become a common affair ever since the lockdowns were implemented to fight the pandemic. Most of us are habituated to working in regular office environments, and working remotely does pose a challenge for us. How can you stay creative, prolific, motivated, and live up to the expectations of your company and, above all, a lifestyle that you now have to live with? Besides just decking up your space with the required technologies, you must also be able to make your team operational and productive from home. Here are some special tips on how you could make remote working a success.

  1. Control your work and set office hours

Remote working allows you to work on your time. However, it won’t be long when you find yourself dallying from your time schedule, especially when you know it is going to be a part of your life now. You must have control over your schedule. Dress as you would for work. It doesn’t just make you feel good but reminds you that you have work to finish. Set a schedule and let everyone know about it.

This lets your clients know when you are available.

  • It increases your productivity.
  • Friends and family will respect your work time when they know you have to follow a specific and routine.
  • It strikes a perfect balance between work and life so you can work and then later enjoy personal time with your family or indulging in activities of your choice.
  • There is a perception of professionalism which is always appreciated in work.

You can always have exceptions in days when required or necessary but sticking to a fixed schedule even when you are working definitely increases your efficiency.

  1. Reach out often

It is quite obvious that remote working requires you to speak to your team through different communication platforms. However, this communicating should not be limited to once or twice a week. You must ensure there are enough video/audio conferences or separate calls, depending on what the situation requires. You can keep these meetings short, but there definitely has to be daily meetings and updates on the progress of your team. Text messages, voice messages, emails also help in making communication an effective one. Every mode of communication has a different impact. Emails are good for official information; text messages are great for follow-ups; video conferences ensure that your message is passed on; clearly, audio conferences work well for small meetings, and so on.

  1. Give some space and have some fun

Calling and speaking to your team members is significant, but when it is overly done, then things may get out of hand. One or two follow-ups are fine, but micromanagement is not what you should be doing as long as you see results from them. While working in the office, employees get to participate in picnics, team lunches, get-togethers, or getaways. These serve as a motivation factor for them. Although outings may not be possible when working remotely, you can definitely look for alternatives. For instance, you can play online games, giveaway prizes for the best performer of the month, arrange for virtual parties, have virtual contests, and so many more. This will keep the spirits of your team high even if they are working from home.

  1. Praise them, give them feedback

Feedbacks should be shared for mistakes or follies committed. However, if they have done a praiseworthy job, then make sure they hear it from you. Send them an appreciation mail or applaud them in team meetings. It will boost their enthusiasm and motivate them to work better. Make sure your guidance is always there when your team is working hard to execute a certain job.

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