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What is Bank Reconciliation?: Types, Importance, and Best Practices

Bank reconciliation is a vital financial process that ensures the accuracy of a company’s financial records by comparing transactions and balanc...

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What is a 401k in Australia? 401k Vs Superannuation

Retirement savings are a crucial aspect of financial planning, and different countries have their systems to support this goal. The 401k plan is a wel...

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Creating a Smarter SMSF Investment Strategy for Your Retirement

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) offer individuals the autonomy to manage their retirement savings according to their specific financial goals and ris...

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Double-Entry Bookkeeping: How It Works and Why It Matters

Introduction? Double-entry bookkeeping is a fundamental concept in the world of finance and accounting. It is a method of bookkeeping that tracks ever...


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    Top Accounting Trends Shaping the Future of the Profession in 2024

    The accounting industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the rapid advancements in technology and the evolving needs of businesses. As ...


    My organization reached out to Ascendum last year. They understand requirements and offered me free trial to understand the quality of work. The team is well versed with various accounting softwares. Communication from the team performing the job was quick and any corrections were done with care, reasoning, and good notes. When I have requested a call back, they made themselves available within the day to discuss any matters that concern us. This meant there was no delay in job processing despite the time zones. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone.

    Sunita Phillips


    Our company is a small business that has grown via referral since 2014.
    It was difficult to complete the jobs prior to associating with Ascendum.
    Ascendum Business Services are our go-to when we are under workflow pressure. It has always eased the burden off us.
    Ascendum has been helpful, friendly & efficient at a competitive rate and we would definitely recommend their services to others.

    John Philp


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