Efficient Business Management - Ascendum Business Services

Efficient Business Management

Ascendum Business Services is the next generation approach to assist the Australian firms for business achievement with high performance at low cost than ever. Having proven finance and accounting solutions in the USA and UK markets, Ascendum Business Services strives to venture into the Australian market for finance and accounting outsourcing services.

Local Company

Ascendum Business Services is an Australian registered company with ABN : 66 631 901 749. Being a law-abiding firm, ABS follows the Australian Law and Privacy Act ensuring uncompromising data privacy and quality services to Australian business. The tax invoice would be prepared in Australian $ and amount to be paid in Australian bank account which reduces the effort of foreign exchange conversion and adds more convenience, unlike other outsourcing firms.

Local Company - Ascendum Business Services
High Standard Data Security - Ascendum Business Services

High Standard Data Security

Data Security is of utmost importance to us. This is the reason that we make sure that all the client’s data is maintained privately involving multi-layers of security and lot more.

  • Biometric access entry to staff in the premises
  • Prohibition of mobile phones and personal items in the premises
  • 24/7 CCTV in administrative area and server room
  • Disabled USB ports at all workstations and external drives
  • Data security policies governing network usage
  • Regular vulnerabilities Scan
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Account monitoring and control
  • Manned security check
  • SOPHOS firewall and restricted internet connectivity via ISA Security Gateway

Solid Experience

With more than four scores of satisfied clients across the USA and UK, ABS has experience working with Australian clients for their various accounting and finance needs. The skilled, qualified, and experienced team members at Ascendum will help you with professional support enhancing your work quality along with excellence.

Solid Experience - Ascendum Business Services
All-in-One Umbrella - Ascendum Business Services

All-in-One Umbrella

Ascendum Business Services provides with an extensive range of financial and accounting services. This will not only help businesses to unleash their potential but also assist them in core management, planning, and technical support saving time, resources, and effort along with boosted efficiency.

Supreme Service

With the experienced transitional support team at ABS, the clients would receive excellent customer service. This will help them focus on core business while improving revenue generation and customer base. Along with this, the businesses will get a greater competitive edge and market share too. We believe in the motto “Your Success is our Business.”

Supreme Service - Ascendum Business Services
Cost Effectiveness Ascendum Business Services


We believe in creating long lasting relationships with our clients while maintaining a Win-Win Attitude for both ABS and clients. To accomplish this goal, we design the pricing structures keeping in view the small and medium-sized businesses. This will help the businesses to grow and strengthen our professional relationship.


ABS provides utmost customer service keeping in mind the nature of their business along with maintaining the confidentiality of the data. With the dictum of no compromise in quality service delivery along with data security, we strive to maintain the trustworthiness of setting up higher benchmarks on behalf of the businesses.

Trustworthiness Ascendum Business Services
Round the clock assistance - Ascendum Business Services

Round the clock assistance

We are aware of the regulatory norms and laws of the Australian market. Therefore, we would be available to assist you unfailingly for any troubleshooting issue either on email or phone or Skype.

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