“It’s easy to believe that all outsourcing accountants and tax practitioners are the same, but ask this for yourself; what kind of service do you get?
What sets a good accountant apart is extra guidance and service. From one of the great ones.”

Why Choose Ascendum for your Tax Solutions?

  • Reduced Costs and Improved Levels of Operation:- The cost can only be a catalyst, but it is significant in this highly competitive environment of compliance. The back-office accounting service provider should, however, allow you to concentrate on other areas, resulting in improved levels of service to your customers.
  • Access Support for the Best Talent :- A successful outsourcing company should have divisional workers and assign work based on the type of work across these divisions. Bookkeeping work for the division of bookkeeping, SMSF work for the division of SMSF, and taxation work for the taxation division. It puts the best individual at work. A good business should also have plenty of trained and qualified resources to deliver the assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Work on Deadlines:- A good back-office service provider should be able to send you a correct turnaround time and date and should be able to handle these dates over the different jobs assigned during the year. An ideal back-office service provider will share time sheets maintained during the course of accounting tasks performed.
  • Protection Improved :- A provider of quality outsourcing will be fanatical about security. The credibility of the provider would be affected by any security breaches. The bigger the supplier, the better their systems work.
  • Saves Time :- One of the bigger advantages is this. There is also the need to manage, document, and check the work performed by the offshore accounting partners. A successful outsourcing activity will deliver excellent quality work and save a significant amount of time that will free the on-shore executives and senior employees to concentrate on other areas of higher value.

If you require assistance in compliance services, our tax return preparation service experts at Ascendum would be happy to help.

How Does Tax Solutions Help Your Business Grow?

It’s important to think about what tomorrow, as well as today. Make sure that your accountant has the best tax return preparation services to cope with your growth because The Future of Tax Looks Highly Digitalized.

How we can be an asset to your business?

  • Individual, partnership, trust, & Company Tax Returns preparation.
  • Superannuation Fund Returns preparation.
  • Work papers preparation.
  • Maintain the Depreciation Schedules & Asset Registers.

  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation &reconciliation.
  • Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) preparation & reconciliation.
  • GST, PAYG, Fuel Tax Credit & Deferred Tax preparation & reconciliation.
  • FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) return preparation.

*Note that the above services are limited to tax return preparation, processing and data entry only. No lodgment services are to be provided.