Embrace The Paradigm Shift in Outsourcing SMSF Compliance

The future of accounting services, we believe, is changing and ever-evolving. Customers are now looking at accountants for more than just annual compliance services, requiring real-time assistance to expand their business. Accounting firms and financial advisors who have made the transition towards SMSF outsourcing with Ascendum tell us that their company is seeing growth and profitability while gaining a substantial increase in their ROI. They are more lucrative, more flexible, and have less stress.

So, how can the organization embrace the changes that are coming?

By Outsourcing SMSF compliance services

Outsourcing SMSF compliance services enable accounting firms to provide better service to clients and simultaneously control costs in-house. It can also help you deliver better quality at a lesser price-tag. Hence, many accounting and financial advisory firms across Australia have shifted gears and quickly adopted outsourced SMSF accounting services. Ascendum is a trusted provider that pledges to deliver quality and on-time back-office accounting services combined with the most competitive pricing.

An Australian SMSF outsourcing service provider will deliver you convenient five-day-a-week support. At Ascendum, for instance, with a simple phone call, any technical question will be answered promptly by our back-office experts free of charge. Our SMSF back-office team are also versatile when it comes to preparing the relevant working papers, particularly within a tight timeframe. In certain cases, they can be posted, sent by email, and faxed – you will be hard-pressed to find an offshore provider that can do the same.

By Embracing The Unexpected

Things that are out of the ordinary are increasingly becoming commonplace in the modern world of accounting and SMSF outsourcing strategy. Instead of attempting to fit issues of every shape into the same square box, anyone employed in the sector must be able to adapt their approach to distinct, often uncommon circumstances.

Our highly qualified accountants at Ascendum are able and willing to take any challenges into their own hands, in the need of an hour. Our team will also be constantly searching for possible solutions for our clients and not just reactively crunching numbers as their offshore counterparts do.

Additional benefits of SMSF outsourcing include:

  • Faster speed to market compared to building a service offering from scratch
  • Higher quality, more consistent service delivery
  • Lower delivery cost compared to utilising in-house resources.
  • Quick scalability
  • Improved employee accountability
  • Reduced review times

Who We Work With

We work with optimistic clients who want to define the future. Together, a bold ambition is established and remarkable results are achieved that redefine industries.

Innovation at It’s Best

In order to deliver better, quicker, more lasting outcomes for customers, at Ascendum, we provide integrated solutions, complementing our strengths with a curated ecosystem of the leading innovators.

Why Choose Ascendum

A business that provides a full range of cost-effective services designed to reduce your workload and overheads so that you can concentrate primarily on increasing your company. We provide businesses and small and mid-sized firms with a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping, consulting, auditing, payroll, and tax services.

We are completely capable of working closely with our clients, offering exactly the kind of services that a competent accounting and finance business might expect. We work with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, business analyst, part-time CFO, or the entire Accounting and Finance department, depending on the needs of your business.

How we can be an asset to your business?

  • New fund setup in preferred SMSF processing software.
  • Process and reconcile superfund’s bank transactions.
  • Annual financial statements preparation along with member statements.
  • Prepare necessary investment & income reports.
  • Prepare customized electronic referenced reports for audit.
  • Prepare annual tax returns based on financial statements & other additional details provided by members.
  • Provide annual tax returns lodgement by associated tax agents.
  • Assist with continuous email and call support, whenever required.

These services are offered for data entry and data processing only.