Virtual Employee works for you, as per your requirements and convenience, but in a remote location. The individual would be a full-time employee in your organization and will perform asimilar amount of work with asimilar duration, qualification, and skills as compared to the one in Australia. The virtual employees will be available according to the support, communications, meetings, and so on as per the time zone in Australia.

Why Ascendum Business Services?

While hiring a virtual employee with ABS, the businesses would be hiring their own employee and not any freelancer. The nature of work of anABS’ virtual employee would be similar to that of your own employee so the individual would be reporting only to you and not to anyone else. When you partner with ABS for Virtual Employee Service, you be free from the hassles like time and efforts saving, no payroll and HR Management service, no IT setup required, and best talent available at the click of a mouse. Apart from being aware ofthe Australian market, the businesses would be able to get service like global presence and so on.


  • Cost Saving:- The employees would perform their work offshore, so the minimum wage rate policy is not applicable which saves a considerable amount of cost.
  • No Brick and Mortar Space required:- Due to the high rent cost in Australia, renting an office space becomes a burden. With virtual employees, no space is required yet the employee is digitally available round the clock as per your requirement.
  • No training cost:- The ABS’ training schedule designed caters to every need of the Australian virtual employer reducing the training costs along with superior quality service.