Bookkeeping processing is primarily about recording the financial effects of any commercial transaction. It remains one of the most crucial sections for any organization in the sense of maintaining accurate financial records. This also includes ensuring all relevant statutory obligations to be met aptly. Additionally, bookkeeping also confirms that all the reports presented to the management are true and fair.

The person doing bookkeeping and its related process is termed as a bookkeeper. The primary work of Bookkeeper is to record day-to-day financial transactions of the organization. They usually document every financial transaction, be it cash or credit incorrect daybooks, ledger maintenance, and lot more. Ultimately, this facilitates the accountants to further develop financial reports from the data set down by the bookkeeper.

To many, bookkeeping may seem to be lethargic and low margin process for accounting practices. The primary reason lies in the fact that bookkeeping takes up a significant portion of the time. This restricts the stint of the accountant to allocate to other value-adding and revenue-generating activities. Being an expert team of CAs and CPAs, we target at assisting you with all your bookkeeping needs. This is inclusive of providing exceptional services, saving time, efforts, and money.

A recent survey indicates that small companies don’t usually prefer hiring full-time bookkeepers to work. The prime reason that hiring a full-time bookkeeper would be costly. Instead, they prefer to either hire a pay-based bookkeeper or outsource the job to a professional service provider like Ascendum Business Services.

The point that small business tends to overlook is to keep track of every cent spent. This is even more important for individuals who are on the verge of kick-starting a new business. To many, bookkeeping may seem a simple task but if not taken into consideration, this may prove to be an Achilles’ heel in the long run.

How we can be an asset to your business?

  • Daily bookkeeping.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Periodic bookkeeping.
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Payment setups for payables.

  • General ledger maintenance.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Periodic financial and management reporting.
  • Year-end accountant’s report.
  • Liaise with external accountants as and when required.
Why We are


Well-defined and standardized work protocols enables us to maintain high-quality work consistently.
An experienced team with exposure to various accounting software and hands-on experience on the same.
Flexible pricing plans enabling the clients to customize their requirements to extract the most cost-effective alternative.
Excellent turnaround time for the allocated tasks with no compromise in quality.
Cost-effectiveness up to 40% while delegating your tasks to us.