Role of Digitalization in Accounting & Financial Sector

Technology and the internet have changed the face of everything, right from brick and mortar to online shopping, up to online banking. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Data Analysis, and Robotics have helped in bringing many important developments in the field of Medical Sciences, Financial Departments and Applications, Research, and many more. In this article, we will read about the digital transformation in the Finance and Accounting Industry.

Accounting & Financial forecast and prediction

Finance and Accounting are now not just limited to the study of past financial records or maintaining balance sheets. Advanced algorithms, applied intelligence, big data, etc. have made predictive technology that can now be used to understand future trends in the finance and account departments. Applied intelligence has usage right from the understanding of when a certain invoice will be paid, on which date, to forecasts on capital availability. The digital transformation has led institutions to look beyond the limits of traditional historical data and uplifted them to look into future risk and scope of the industry.


When it comes to accounting and finance, accuracy is something that is inevitable. It is claimed that financial leaders are now able to run results with 95% accuracy due to the advanced algorithms. Technologies like natural language processing (NLP) used in AI are so advanced that it can perform even during the absence or missing of accounting codes or other similar core details. Further, AI also notifies any error, helps to identify fraud, and sees patterns that might be missed by human eye. Digitalization has made it possible for managers and institutions to eliminate the risk of error while taking major financial and accounting decisions.

Quick process

Data Science has made it easier for financial and accounting personnel to access data at a very shorter duration of time, thus saving their time of going through large financial data. These technological shifts have made it possible to access important and critical data easily at their fingertips by using the intelligent tools that are developed. Being assured about the accuracy of the algorithms, finance teams are spared with time that they can utilize in building new growth strategies. Also, it decreases the time required to collect invoices, so they are now able to focus on solving other related issues.

Real-time reporting

Whenever a company launches a new product or campaign in the market, it eagerly looks forward to the performance data. By using sensors that are connected to the products or delivery vehicles, the financial and accounting leaders can make better decisions with the help of the collected data. Unlike the old times, where they had to wait for weeks to collect data and then give their interpretations, these advancements in digitalization have made it possible for them to plan and execute the next step depending on the real-time data.

Not only this, but companies also rely on technological enhancement to analyze all the factors and implement their market strategy. By using predictive techniques, financial managers can forecast sales accuracy, which saves the company’s money and time. They can also forecast any market instability or global financial status, thus helping companies to know of any upcoming obstacle and give them the time to accordingly plan for it.

Today when we talk about digitalization, we are not just talking about social media. It has changed almost everything around us, including the financial and accounting sector. We at Ascendum Business Solutions, ensure that our clients who have invested on our trust to outsource their financial and accounting services, receive the best solution for their business. At Ascendum we offer you technologically proven, and digitally ensured accounting and financial solutions.  All that technological advancements that one could have only imagined of 20 years back is actually happening, and we are an example to that.

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