Psst! Sniffing misconceptions for Cash and Accrual Accounting

Ever wondered about the cash accounting and accrual accounting? Have ever thought of the basics of the types of accounting.

Any variants between accrual accounting and cash accounting

The difference which rules these accounting types is timing. Both types of accounting are dependent on when to record the revenue or expenses. When the accounting is done at the time when payment is received or being made, it falls under cash accounting.

The nature of accrual accounting is more powerful and intensive than cash accounting, but cash accounting has its own benefits.

What is cash basis accounting?

The businesses that are dependent on identifying income and expenses only when money is transferred. In case the cash is transferred via electronic media, cash accounting is still applicable. In other words, cash basis accounting is independent of the mode of payment.

What are the pros available with cash accounting?

  • It is simple while reflecting the amount of money available.
  • It is easier while evaluating GST. However, not all businesses are allowed to use it.
  • It is easy to track the money being transferred in and out of business.

What are the downfalls of cash accounting?

Sometimes, the calculations are accurate as the numbers would not show the unpaid bills. However, while making management decisions, this accounting would not help.

What is accrued accounting?

The accrual- based accounting lets the individual share more in-depth details with their other business partners and associates.

The businesses who use the concepts of accrual accounting are able to identify the income as soon as the invoices are raised for the recipients. As and when the bill is paid, the same is counted as an expense even if the payment would be made after 30 days or so.

What are the downfalls of accrual accounting?

  • More hectic as not only invoices but also bank accounts are taken into consideration.
  • The tax payment is made on the income before the individual actually receives that payment.

What are the other hybrid methods of accounting?

The business who use the hybrid form of accounting base big financial decisions, including loan applications, on accrual accounting. However, they also use cash-basis accounting to simplify the tax elements to pay.

Cash vs accrual vs hybrid accounting

With accrual accounting, the business performance is being tracked better as the accounting is shown as and when income and expenses are done. For example, in case the individuals want to get a detailed view of the profits earned per month, the accrual method is best suited. Truly said that accrual accounting needs more work.

In a nutshell, the individuals and the businesses need to figure out the possible angles of their requirements smartly and wisely. Record all the invoices, inward and outward payment sheets and all the accounting related needs carefully so that they are accessible whenever you need.

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