Most Effective Ways to Develop Lead Generation Strategy for CPA Firms & Financial Advisors

If you are looking for ways to grow your CPA, accounting firm, and Financial Advisory Services and increase the revenue, you have to take steps to generate many new accounting leads to convert them into long-term clients. However, for this, you must strive hard to justify that you are the appropriate choice to meet their accounting strategies. In this situation, you have to approach an outsourced digital marketing team to develop an effective lead generation strategy.

  1. Optimize Your CPA Firm Website with SEO

A large number of potential clients search for accounting-related details on Google and other search engines. If you want your prospects to search your firm and get a bookkeeping lead, your website must display in various search results. Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimization. When you adopt a strong SEO strategy with the help of accounting and outsourcing services, you will increase your ranks for the key phrases searched by potential clients. Accordingly, you have to focus on specific areas, which are

  • Keyword research to focus your various activities across viable terms related to target search
  • Use various on-page optimization techniques for tuning your CPA firm website for your targeted keywords or key-phrases
  • Create contents according to relevant keywords and build backlinks

In essence, you must optimize your information website contents to let your potential clients easily find the required pages whenever they search for answers to their queries.

2.Conversion Rate Optimization Technique for Your Website

Once visitors come to your website, you must adopt CRO i.e. Conversion Rate Optimization technique to convert them into bookkeeping leads. Experts involved in outsourced accounting for accountants always make sure that each of your accounting pages has a strong call to action and clear points to help your visitors in accomplishing it.

Here the CTA may be anything, like filling a contact form or sign up for your email newsletter to convert the visitors into clients. Professionals of back-office support companies use CRO to test different versions of the calls to action to identify the one to generate new leads efficiently. CRO also draws the existing traffic from your accounting website and boosts the conversion rate.

3. Unique Value Proposition

With large numbers of accounting and CPA firms operating at both national and global level, every business venture has to struggle to set it apart from the competitors. Hence, experienced people involved in outsourced accounting for accountants put efforts to create a unique value proposition method. In the last few years, a unique value proposition is an effective method to differentiate your business and entice your clients.

4. Content Marketing and Blogging Strategies

Content marketing and blogging have become the latest business development strategies during the last few years for CPA and accounting firms. You may approach back-office service providers to entice online readers and engage the target audience. Only, you have to focus on consistency and quality to accomplish the blogging strategy. Positively, experts strive hard to select relevant topics to benefit your target market and later, develop the best content on respective topics

5. Content Upgrade Technique

Content upgrade refers to premium content, which embeds in a blog post while exchanging an email address.

6. Email Marketing Strategy

The use of email is an excellent way to get many bookkeeping clients over the internet. When you use email marketing, your website gives visitors many places, where they can share their email addresses. These include download content, sign up for an email list, or contact the firm. As you accumulate email addresses, you may use them to stay connected with the leads.

Experts of back-office support companies adopt the simplest way by using a monthly or weekly newsletter. However, one can even include news related to CPA firms, trends in the accounting/bookkeeping industry, and other valuable tips to assist potential clients.

7. Automated Emails

Other than a standard newsletter, you may even choose to send personalized automated emails to your prospects to nurture the CPA firm and accounting leads. You may even set the emails to trigger according to your visitors’ actions on your website, such as downloading any guide or visiting any service page. Automated sequences intend to convert prospects into 1-to-1 dialogues with your firm. Only, you need two different things i.e. relevant email contents to send to your list periodically and an autoresponder system.

Lead generation for your CPA and accounting firms is possible in many ways. However, you have to select the right method to get long-term benefits. If you are facing difficulty in generating leads or prospects for your accounting business, you must feel free to contact our experts at Ascendum on +61 2 7202 4930 or mail us at

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