Client’s perception on Outsourcing Strategies

Outsourcing has become a significant part of today’s business strategies. A lot of well-established companies have started global outsourcing. This is what is called a “two-office-strategy” where there is a combination of onshore and offshore delivery of services. Despite being favorable for a smooth process by companies, accounting clients often have doubts in their mind regarding certain aspects. In this article, we will look into the doubts that arise in a client’s mind and the way to tackle those doubts.

Clients often think that by outsourcing your services, you are taking away jobs of your employees

When a client approaches you for your services, it not only invests on the trust in your services, but also on your employees. A client looks into all the aspects of your company, right from previous records to your long term strategies. So, if your client comes up with this question, it is not only important to answer it, also it is important that you clarify them why and what you are outsourcing. For example, as an accounting firm, there are a lot of tasks that you handle, right from tax declaration to client need analysis and accounting strategic advice. So you can handle this doubt of your client that by explaining to them the below points

  • Outsourcing some of your services will give your team the time to focus on more complex accounting projects because the essential compliance work will be delivered by the offshore team
  • Your team will now have the time to focus on a more client-facing approach because of the comparatively less operational activities
  • You can now hire more local people to take up the complex accounting projects, because of the high margin that your offshore team is delivering to you
  • Your clients can now get their compliance work done at a more negotiable price


Clients might have a perception that the quality of your service might get affected

 As mentioned above, a client chooses your service because of his faith on your service. Because this service is delivered by the employees of your company, it might be that, when you outsource your services, your clients might be skeptical. So, to help them understand that outsourcing will not affect your service quality, this is what you can do

  • You can make your clients understand that all the offshore employees are highly qualified, trained and have a good amount of professional experience on their subject matter
  • You can also show them the professional certifications of your offshore employees, which will help in trust-building
  • Assuring them that the work will be verified and cross-checked by your own employees before presenting it to them will help your clients to get rid of this wary


Data Security is something that can create insecurity in your clients

Your clients might be concerned about their data security because they have shared with you their financial and accounting data. This data is very crucial and carries important information about their companies. So, for the best interests of both the sides, it is important to clear out this doubt of your client by explaining them about the security measures of your outsourcing partner.

  • Explain your clients about the physical safety and security measures of your partner, for example, the security in their office premises
  • Explain them about the software they use to ensure security of their systems
  • Security measures to ensure the protection and safety of their network infrastructure from any misuse


Apart from this, the way you communicate with your clients about the benefits and the change is also very important. Maintaining a transparent communication between you and your client will help them to keep up the trust on you. A very effective way of doing this is an engagement letter where you can narrow down the key points for your client. Also, to make your offerings more promising, show them how this will benefit them. Engage in a proactive, face-to-face communication and make the clients understand and realize that you value their businesses. Because the key to any service delivery is communication, a systematic communication will help your clients in trust-building. And ultimately a majority of the clients will look not for a great and reliable service delivery. So, if you are able to make them understand that your outsourcing strategies will be favorable for them, they will have a good acceptance of your new arrangement.

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