Approaches to Keep Your Remote Employees Occupied While Working from Home

Even if you understand how to work efficiently with a remotely working team, it is quite a task to keep them motivated because social distancing is unquestionably, a challenge. The challenges faced in the beginning are usually because of the systems, procedures, and protocols but these crinkles smoothen out soon once your team is settled.  Initially, things may look to be working out as planned, but soon you may find it difficult to keep your team engaged with their work.

Without any processes or routines that are usually followed in a traditional office, your team members might feel disconnected. As their manager you must ensure your team is occupied even if you are not available to them physically, to check for updates. Here are some strategies that will help you engage your remote team:

Understand your team’s perception

Each one of us has a different style of working. Therefore, it is significant that you understand the working style of your team members. No one in your team will be productive if you set the same routine and processes for everyone. Their output will not be satisfactory, and in the long-run, the productivity of your team and ultimately, the business as a whole will be affected.

You must try and strike a balance by giving clear instructions to the team as a whole and being adaptable with the working style and preference of each team member as an individual. This may not entirely be simple, but there are certain things that will help you:

  1. Make use of evaluation tools

Every individual in your team behaves differently and has a different personality. There might be an individual who is outspoken and opinionated, but there is a different team member who is shy and cautious when speaking to others. You must evaluate their characteristics using tools of your choice to get an insight about each one. This way, you will have a clear understanding on how you could best communicate with each one of them.

  1. Look for clues

With an evaluation tool at hand to guide you, you will be able to identify certain clues that will help you in identifying their behaviors. This will help you connect to them in a better way. You will have answers to some of the important questions that help in team-building and productivity, such as – how do they wish to be treated or how do they want to receive communications? Having answers to these questions will help you learn and understand your employees in a better way. After all, team compatibility is the key to achieving success at work.

  1. Be flexible

Whether it is the mode of communication or type of training that needs to be imparted to your team members, you must figure out what works for each one. Doing things the same way for each one may not get you the desired result. For instance, there may be an individual who responds well to calls instead of texts, while the other may be just the opposite. You must use calls to communicate with one while texts for the other, this eases their work pressure, and they will feel connected to you.

  1. Take feedback from your team members

Taking the opinion of your team members helps them in understanding that you always have their back, and they will always receive the support they whenever they require. This is a great way to understand their perspective. Once you know what they want, you would be able to make your approach in the right way. It immensely helps in avoiding any misunderstandings within the team and helps the team to achieve their targets and objectives.

Build trust with your team

Trust is built over the years, especially when it comes to a boss and employee relationship. Without you being physically there for your employees, earning their trust may not be easy. But once the trust factor is there, it helps in motivating and inspiring your employees easily. Here is what you can do to establish trust within your team members:

  1. Have a common purpose

Every team should have a common goal to achieve. Even when you are working remotely, your team should not waiver from this goal. Unlike a traditional office environment where you can go and speak to your team members and remind them of their goal or target, working remotely may not give you this advantage. However, you must ensure that your team is moving ahead in the same direction by being in touch with them regularly through different comfortable modes of communication. This helps in building trust within your team.

  1. Show your proficiency

Your team members will easily place their trust in you if they know what you are doing. Displaying competency at work that you do will help in gaining their trust. Moreover, you must also trust your team to deliver good work. Make sure you let them know about their capabilities, so they are motivated to work. You must help them with your skills and support them in every possible way to ensure that the work is executed in the best way.

  1. Set clear motives

It may not be easy to determine the motives of your staff or how genuine they are or whether or not they are working towards achieving the goals for the company, when you are working remotely with them. However, as their manager and leader, you must motivate your team into achieving the team and business goals together. Rules and regulations, processes, and procedures must be imparted in the beginning, so you work together.

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