Accounting Outsourcing- The Mistake Not To Make When Choosing Your Provider

If you are planning to outsource your accounting services for your company, it is very evident that there will be certain questions in your mind. Because you will be spending your money and time on your provider, so making the right choice becomes very crucial.

Ascendum Business Services(ABS) is one of the most preferred and reliable accounting service providers in the Australian Market.

ABS is ISO and SOC II Compliance Certified company in the region as certified by KPMG and believes on its core value, which are Character, Commitment, Competence, Courage, and Community.

So this article answers some of the basic and common, yet very important questions that you can consider while you choose your provider. It will also give you a detailed understanding of ABS, and it’s a review with respect to all the questions.

  1. Is the technology used by the provider up-to-date?

It is one of the key points that will help you choose your provider because updated technology ensures that your work will be done smoothly and be delivered at the earliest. The technology used by ABS is updated to match international standards and works with software like Xero, Quickbooks, BGL etc. We make sure that the clients’ services are uninterrupted at any cost, and in case you have some very specific requirements, ABS looks into the same and makes sure to deliver the work to you at the promised timeline. Apart from this, ABS also has 3 modern office spaces in India, which make customer service even more efficient and effective.

  1. How effective is the provider’s security system?

Because you are sharing your firm’s financial details with your provider, you will very well look about the security it is providing to all of your information. In ABS, we understand the significance of our client’s data, so we have designed multi-layer security to keep all of the data private. There are a lot of measures that are taken by ABS to maintain security, which includes entry to the premises using biometric, 24/7 CCTV surveillance in the server room, and admin area. ABS also prohibits the use of any personal gadgets like phone, pen drive, etc. in the premises. Apart from these, there is SOPHOS firewall and many more security measures that ensure data safety.

  1. Are the accounting outsourcing staff qualified enough to handle your problem set?

Because the staff of the provider is not your direct employee, you will be keen to know whether or not the employees of your provider have the necessary skillset and if they are qualified enough. The  ABS team has worked with more four score clients from UK and USA alone, along with the clients from Australia. The team of ABS is highly professional, skilled, qualified, and has the experience of working for various financial and accounting business needs. We have always thrived for excellence in quality and professionalism and so does the team. We have more than 2000 committed, experienced and dedicated team members who are qualified MBAs in Finance, CPA’s and CA’s from India and Australia.

  1. How cost effective is your provider?

As a customer you will definitely want to know about the pricing of the provider, to see if it matches your requirements and expectations. Because ABS believes in customer loyalty and long-lasting relationship with the clients, we have uniquely structured the pricing for small and medium scale businesses as well. And most importantly there are no hidden charges which make ABS a favorable option for the client to choose as its provider.

  1. Is your work reviewed before returning it to you?

Because you will have many other business activities to look out for, it becomes much  easier for you if the provider cross-checks your work for any major errors before submitting it to you. In ABS, there are trainers who are well updated about the regulatory norms of the Australian Market. Also, we have subscribed journals so that we can be well aware of any recent updates or norms. And before the final submission of the work, we cross verify it to be sure that the work sent to you has no errors.

  1. Is your data protected in the hands of the provider?

Confidentiality of your data is the most important aspect when you look for a service provider so that you have a sense of security regarding the restrictions of the misuse of your data. ABS adheres to this inevitable aspect that you are looking for by providing maximum security to the clients’ information and details. We refrain from either collecting or retaining data, unless necessary. Further, we have very strict actions for any kind of loss, misuse, or modification of client’s data.

Ascendum Business Services is known as one of the most highly recommend Accounting Outsourcing Providers in Australia. We have a wide range of services to offer, ranging from Financial and Management Accounting, Payroll Service, Bookkeeping, etc. We are known for our efficient business management, solid experience, supreme service, and trustworthiness.

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