Additional ATO Services

A Brief About the Additional ATO Services

ATO acts as a central control for all the tax-related and other related financial services. The linking of the myGov account greatly helps to get updates of the recent amendments in the taxation and other financial policies. This article is all about few additional ATO Services.

How Do You Update your settings to receive security codes?

To link the existing myGov account with ATO, sign in to myGov account using a security code. The security code would be sent as an SMS to the mobile number registered on the myGov Access app.

For settings updation, perform the steps as mentioned below:

  • Sign in to myGov account.
  • Select Account settings.
  • Select Sign-in options.
  • Turn on receive code by SMS. If you are traveling overseas or having limited mobile reception, turn on the myGov Access app.

In case, you decide to change the sign-in option to ‘Answer a secret question’. This will unlink an account from ATO and the ATO online services are no longer active and you will not receive ATO communications to myGov Inbox. Also, the ABN linked to the concerned account would be removed and the access to government business online services through myGov would be detached.

What If You Are NOT Able to Receive the Security Codes.

The myGov Account would not be accessible in the following cases:

  • “Receive a Code by SMS” is turned on and has no access to the registered Australian Mobile Number.
  • The device is registered for the myGov Access app is no longer available or the app is no longer accessible (in case you have no turned on your SMS as a backup).

In any of the cases mentioned above and none of this is accessible, create a new myGov account and perform the linking with the ATO again. If you want to re-register and re-create with the same email address, the applicant needs to co-ordinate with the myGov helpdesk for your email address to be released.

In case there is no device for receiving the code by SMS or to download the myGov Access app, then, the ATO linking and access to online services would not be possible.

How to Use Voiceprint for online services access?

Once the myGov account has been registered and linked with ATO, the further processing of enrolling and voiceprint in the ATO app would be done. This would enable for fast, easy, and secure access to the ATO online services. Simply log in to ATO for individuals via the app and follow the instructions. Once enrolled, the voice option can be used to verify your identity. This will help the next time the app is used or upon contacting ATO Helpdesk.

Summing up, linking of myGov app with ATO would help the applicants for easy updates and policies related to taxation services.


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